Gluten-Free Recipe Tips by Mary ❤️


My favourite flours for baking and gluten free dishes are generally Sorghum, Almond, and Rice flours for savoury dishes and Rice, Amaranth, Tapioca Starch, and Coconut flours for desserts. Xanthan Gum adds a texture and chewiness to any baking that would otherwise be dry and crumbly! It’s important to use single spices and make your own blends, as commercially blended spices can contain wheat. Even one of my favourite curry mixes was causing me to react and I called the company and found out they added flour as an anti- caking Ingredient, not listed on the package! Stick with companies that have a stated policy for gluten free products. Generally single Ingredient spices are relatively safe; basil, oregano, salt, pepper, etc.

When I first was first advised to go gluten free I asked if I could see a dietician to which I was told to simply not eat wheat! It was a long journey for me to figure out the safe food lists, safe flours to use, and all the hidden sources of gluten of which there are many. I was fortunate to find Dr. Scott Adams at over ten years ago who is himself Celiac and still the best Online resource out there imho. There are many helpful articles on his site as well as comprehensive lists for safe and unsafe foods for Celiacs and gluten sensitive individuals. This really helped me and I hope it can help others who are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitive find the information they need as they delve into gluten free diets! ❤️

Gluten Free Recipes